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Out and about with Graham Strong

Wednesday 14th June 2017
Graham and friend

The 27th of May saw a little troup journey north to Rickmansworth to attend "Missing Who" - a convention highlighting the missing episodes of Doctor Who. Stephen and Ashley from Devious attended, with friend Julian making a trio who were designated the minders (/security !) for our very own VIP Mr Graham Strong, a longtime friend of Stephen and known to the Devious gang for many years of course and vice versa!

It was Graham's first appearance at a convention, and lucky for him the interviewer at his panel was our very own media star (BBC, QVC, Dr WHo 50th Convention etc etc) Stephen Cranford. A great panel amongst so many other great sessions during the day. You'll need to go to the Missing Who site to find out more although we shall show a few images from the day here in this article.

If you don't know who Graham is, then listen again to old episodes of Doctor Who - it was through his meticulous recording onto tape from a LINE connection into an old TV that many of the old DW episodes now exist in their only form. All DW exists on audio - not all on video.

We also heard and saw the Restoration Team, Peter Purves, Michael Kilgarrif, Sonny Caldinez, Ian Levine, William Russell, David Graham, Mark Ayres and (friend of Devious) Anneke Wills. We also saw some fine models and costumes and cosplayers. Superb. We need to go to more of these...!

Julian and friend
examining an original spool of film showing an 80s title sequence...
Anneke with one of the Missing Who gang
Graham with Mark Ayres and Stephen
time to pack up and go home...