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Out and About

Thursday 14th December 2017

Just a quick note to tell of recent dalek escapades... There are two of the chaps currently out on display in deepest darkest Brighton doing their bit for charity as always. Since threatening our Devious Doctor they've been rather at a loose end and so have had many days (and weeks) out in the community. We haven't had any reports of mass exterminations so we assume all is going well. Presumably this is all part of some Master Plan (to coin a phrase) and we'll hear of things dastardly via the local news at some point. If you see them out and about feel free to send us any photos - we'd be glad to show them off.

As far as we are aware the fully radio controlled Black Dalek is out there in the world causing havoc at Robot Wars type events and other appearances around the country. We don't have an itinerary so we can't advise where he/she/it is at any one time, but rest assured it is getting some exercise.

As for Devious itself we are of course working on the episode and can't wait to bring you news...

A recent event in Worthing saw Ashley and friend Tony (no, not the Tony as in Tony Garner, but nevertheless a member of this dalek parish) with two daleks plus a coffin. Yep - a coffin. Tony and his wife Jane had asked Ashley if he could build one (back in October) for their annual Halloween front garden display. In discussions with the guy who organised the Worthing Wormhole event it came about that the coffin could also be there for the day as a good photo prop for those of the zombie persuasion and suchlike. It has been constructed so it can be packed flat, and is available to be borrowed by any stage productions etc etc - we can put you in touch with Jane and Tony to talk the particulars!

The daleks did their thing at the day event, and pootled down to the evening venue where they stood guard as bouncers for the stage area. It made for some interesting photo opportunities, and we reproduce a few here in this new article. 

The Worhing Wormhole was a comic-con / cosplay type event and it is hoped to repeat the event in future years. An excellent event and a big "well done" from all of us for a great day - and evening - out.

A Devious Richard with a Devious Ashley
the coffin being tested
Ashley with two Outlander cosplayers
Matt with (his own) interesting and successful brew... (check out the name!!!)
the cosplay competition entrants
Matt with Jon Campling - one of the special guests on the day

Great to meet up with Devious cast member Richard at the event, as well as long time Friend of Devious Matt