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Our Game Plan

Monday 14th December 2009

Now here's something we have been thinking about for a while. It's a sensible way forward for the Devious Project we hope you'll agree.

We have finally got a finished edit we showed to a bunch of friends and they loved it and now we are gearing up for the next stage - post production.  If you want to be involved in doing some effects let us know!

We will be dividing up the edit early in the new year and then would look at farming out some effects to people who are interested in helping.

The Devious Project, although helmed by the three of us, has succeeded in the past when we have worked with others. If we are to achieve completion then we accept the fact we can't do it all.  "Devious" can be so much more if we joined up with people who are keen to help us.

The best of the best amateur projects have worked because of collaboration - pooling resources with keen experts in their field who've come in to make the project succeed. The remarkable Star Wars and Star Trek fan films are a case in point. Some of their cgi looks stunning.

We don't want to let Devious fail at the last - we are enthusiastic but realise our limits. We know what we want to see and we know that in a few short (email or in person) conversations with keen collaborators we can work to make the cgi effects even better than we had imagined ourselves. For instance we have an asteroid that conceals a small space station that turns out to be a TARDIS, we have a clan village encampment to enlarge, hovering daleks in the woods and in a desert, a time weapon and loads more. 

Those of you who are keen to get involved then please make yourselves known to us via our "say hello" page  (or via our embryonic facebook page ?). When the time comes next year - January or February we think - we'll be able to say what pieces of footage need some work. Those that want to help will have to realise that we can offer no money or any other benefits other than the knowledge that you have helped in this fan project. Indeed we will have to be very careful how we discuss things with you so we know on both sides what to expect and we keep it all on a friendly basis. Of course we'll reserve the right not to use the work if it's not quite right, but then we'll have worked out with you beforehand what is wanted for a clip. If you can send us a link to some of your work first then we'll know your level of expertise and your style too!

For example we have a shot for episode two which involves the TARDIS landing on a beach. The beach was too far (vertically!) to transport our Police Box so we shot without it and for years afterwards in our own edit we have used a temporary effect cobbled together which works for now. We'll send you that clip with our effect and one without it. We'll also send photos of our TARDIS from all sides so the textures can be built up from the original if you're using something like Lightwave - or whatever is needed to get the shot right. We'll then send each other versions and comments each way until we're happy with the shot.

We think this idea will work, but only if the people who contact us are as enthusiastic and realistic about our project as we are. We've no idea about how people will see it one day but we hope they will.  No-one will ever pay for a copy, and anyone seeing any part of it will know that it is NOT proper Doctor Who and only an amateur effort.  Having said that, take a look at some at the other (finished) amateur films that can be seen out there and look at the quality. It would be great if Devious were to be part of that underground network of (finished) fan films that get the praise and qudos. So far we've only had small parts seen - albeit with the luxury of a segment on a BBC DVD for the Pertwee scene or the BBC release on Video of the Comic Relief 1999 sketch where Devious clips were included in the documentary. We always get the "unfinished" tag and we can lose that!

Already one of our (Facebook) friends has offered his help. He is accomplished in CGI and he wants to do a scene and we'll be meeting up in a local pub to discuss it.  It's something creative for him to keep his cgi muscles flexed and for us it's some footage completed at last too!

At least the credits list will take a long time to roll past at the close of the film with luck!

We'll have some more details about this plan in the coming months. It'll only take a few of you to get the ball rolling and lift our spirits!


And here's a quick update on the new dalek props. Even though they will only be seen for very brief moments we want them to look right. As you can see here these need a final paint job as well as their plungers and gun sticks attaching and meshes etc. The dome lights are all prepared but not yet fitted and many of these will light if required. The domes are very free in their movement and the eyesticks move very realistically with the requisite weighted effect.  And there are more than these too! More shots when Ashley releases some!