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no news is good news

Friday 12th July 2002

- or so they say ! Well, hopefully that's the case. As you may know I'm a bit superstitious and so I don't want to report on things until they've happened, so I suppose I can say with confidence that a lot of the corridor sets have been completed. The unique design is hopefully a lights and mirrors job, so the construction methods should be reasonably confusing. The trick, as with all sets, is the lighting. We hope to get an atmospheric quality about these scenes, and we think it may be possible. When we get to use them in some shooting (provisionally August) we'll put some shots on the site. The sliding doors are coming on nicely too. Again, no pictures, so here's a nice one of Stephen, David and I (Ashley) taken at the successful Dimensions On Tyne convention last year.


Our Tardis can be seen behind! Incidentally, Stephen is rebuilding the tardis roof and base due to years of decay - I think he kept hearing the cloister bell each time he moved the prop into his shed at home!