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new website launch

Wednesday 8th May 2002

Today sees the launch of the new Devious website - it will be linked to in due course...

At present there's only half the intended content - at least we'll be able to add stuff as we go on to keep you all interested while we gamely try to get this blinkin' epic finished! For example there'll be a 'faq' section and more news items will be added retrospectively to reflect our history...

Please bear with us as we try to get this thing going - as we've always said we don't bother much with the site as it does rather tempt fate a bit - we'd rather report on things completed rather than surmising, as we do tend to miss our own extremely elastic deadlines.

But then we only do this (a) for fun, and (b) occasionally. And (a) isn't always the case, as you'd think if you'd just cut the 75th wall roundel or painted the 200th dalek hemisphere!