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new web design

Tuesday 9th August 2005

Just a quick word to say "hope you like the new design". Well if you don't it's not going back to the old look. The menu at the top of the screen has some positioning issues at present and the fonts aren't quite as we want, but Ashley is working on this.

He's also trying to make the pages firefox and Mac compatible as well as for IE. If you've an old browser you may have some issues here as it may not display at all well, so please use our email form accordingly to let us know. You know the form -  the one that's still on a page with the old styling, and once you're back in that twilight world you can still partially move round the old site - certainly enough to get lost so just use the devious menu item to return to the root if you get stuck - we WILL change that form - HONEST... Also, there's some new content dotted around the site - such as the dalek gun in the sets and props section...