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New Subtitles uploaded for episode 1

Friday 14th September 2018

About 3 months ago, we put out episode 1 of Devious on our YouTube channel and the response has been great.  We spent a lot of time on the effects, grading and sound but did not consider subtitles on Youtube, when it was first released.  

For those of you that do not put anything on YouTube, if you don’t add your own subtitles then YouTube generates them automatically.  These are made completely by computer so sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong and sound times they are just plain silly. 

To correct the subtitles you either make your own and upload them, or use the YouTube application to correct the auto-generated titles.  We chose to make our own titles and upload them.  We used a program called DaVinci Resolve, which is an editing and grading application. This lets you add a special track on which you type subtitles as you watch the video, then export them as a file and upload to YouTube. 

We actually started by downloading the YouTube versions in the hope that they were right some of the time, although in the long run there was a lot to change and we are not sure whether it would not have been quicker just to start from scratch.

The auto generated titles had trouble with many of the names of characters, particularly Covellitor, who managed to have several different variations through the one scene he was in, being “cover letter” and “cavil etre” in just one sentence, although curiously it managed to spell Tardis and Gallifrey correctly when they were mentioned.

Now episode 1 has proper subtitles and so those of you who are hard of hearing can see the words we were actually saying rather than YouTube guess work.  We’ll try and upload proper subtitles with Episode 2 when it is released.

Here are some great examples of what computer thinks we were actually saying:

We can forgive it for not knowing what a “persephonous, hydracious hedrad” was I guess. Even the Doctor didn’t know
What on earth are we talking about? The Argylls have been changed into “girlfriend’s”. The computer should know they have Kilts, not skirts.
Defend your village, yeah baby..
Covellitor’s name is wrong again.
Covellitor wrong twice in one sentence..And we feel sorry for Valerian - he's going to hear about all this chaos by letter it seems.
Its a geographic location not junko education!
Well if you are under attack you really want the food personnel.
Poor old Kestro’s name has changed. I hope it didn’t hurt.
Things are obviously getting bad...
Covellitor’s wrong again, “cover letter commander”.
And we get to the end titles. YouTube decided to put [music] as a caption over most of the titles but decided to change it for certain captions, and yes we do think Tony Garner, our Doctor, does deserve some applause.