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New series dalek spoilers... (not that we're any the wiser than you lot)

Wednesday 3rd November 2004

NEW SERIES DALEKS SPOILERS - the following text was originally hidden for viewers unless they specifically wanted to read it - but as the time has passed here it is in full...

For those of you who have heard that the new tv series daleks are to fly, and have seen the images in the newspapers (chiefly - or solely! - The Sun, 2nd Nov) showing a technician with a radio-control transmitter - don't think it's all new! 'Devious' features flying / hovering daleks (we only do it a couple of times) and we have had radio-control for our chief dalek.

So if the BBC are having some fun with their radio-powered model we wish them well - it was certainly 'interesting' for us. Ours was reasonably ok but given the chance we may have had a standard one due to it misbehaving on occasions - we had problems with one of its tyres and the operator could have had more intensive training!!! (Ashley please note). It was an experiment and we are glad we did it, however the BBC series would have had more time and money to throw at this issue and so we not only wish them well but look forward to the end results! We have resisted the urge to include an image or description of thse new series daleks - if you want to find out it's easy enough and if you don't want to know - like some of our team who don't want too many spoilers before the series arrive then we'll respect your views.

And as for the flying - well we're hoping our cgi will help a bit since lifting one of our props was a bit prohibitive (especially next to a cliff-top...)...Good luck BBC !!! (We're not claiming any sort of prize here, just a bit of fun, before all you owners of radio-powered monsters come out of the woodwork and remind us you were first!!!)