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new pics + new dalek section on website + Worthing Who day

Wednesday 5th August 2009

We thought as we have so many images of our fleet of daleks they really ought to have their own section on the website. That's not to denigrate any of the other props and sets we've used over the years of course - it's just that they tend to get most attention! In fact we'll put up a section soon called TARDIS as we do have quite a few things we can share on our Tardis props too.

So if you go to you will see the beginnings of this section. To start it off we have some exclusive cgi renderings by Steve Redfearn from 2007 and a few construction images from Ashley. When we add new pages to this section we'll flag them up on the home page latest section!

Arthur has just sent us another colour image from our first day's filming. Yes there was colour back then. It's been added to the pics section here

- and a new image here in the images section - see The Doctor and his Twig

There's a Doctor Who day in Worthing West Sussex tomorrow (Saturday).From what we understand here at Devious Towers an East Sussex based events company are providing the props and stuff, although there are likely to be a few local fan-built daleks and other things around on the day it seems.


"Friend of Devious" Alex - who runs the excellent Type 40 Models in West Worthing (Rowlands Road opposite the Gala Bingo in fact) will certainly be around with his newly built dalek. This new "Genesis"-style prop - called "Grey" is of particular interest to the Devious world - as it has been built using the centre section of one of the Devious daleks. Not sure whether it was at Pinewood Studios for Comic Relief - we'll have to check the photos accurately to prove that - but that middle was one of the first two constructed by Ashley back in 1992/3 so we are especially proud that Alex has managed to restore it and make good use of it in his new build. The image here above we think is this dalek middle under construction back in '92!

The Worthing Herald web pages have a few words here. Interestingly they are using the image created by Steve Redfearn for the Dalek Plays in Portsmouth!

Now this date may be wrong and it may not be the Lions or Rotary or something Club - but there is a procession in Worthing on the 31st of August. Alex from Type 40 Models is organising a Doctor Who float it seems. He has been collecting authentic replicas of all 11 Doctor's costumes and is looking out for suitable models to play the Doctor on this float. There will be a couple of Devious daleks on the float (not sure what colour scheme yet) - it's all for charity and so there's a good chance we'll help out!

He has collected costumes from all 10 Doctors and may well have no 11 sorted by then. There's also Captain Jack and Brigadier costumes and so he needs a predominately male set of models obviously. If you are female and can provide your own suitable costume for a well-known companion he'd also be interested (apparently Alex wasn't sure about spending hours and hours mooching around buying womens clothing! - although doubtless he does want to ensure his collection will be completed!). So if you are near to  Worthing in Sussex and are free on the 31st for the day and want to take part - or can help with costumes - then please let us know here at the Devious website. We can then contact Alex and pass your contact details on - so please include your mobile number if possible - if not then email will be fine.


I can help Alex's float!


form removed as out of date - sorry