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New Pertwee doc images

Tuesday 24th July 2012

Hi everyone! Well, to help the new site along we've finally managed to locate our documentary footage from back in April 1995 when Jon Pertwee came down to Worthing to film with us on Devious. Unfortunately the documentary footage was shot on VHS - this being 1995 and we needed our other two cameras for the main filming!

David has painstaking recovered the footage onto a digital medium although no attempt has yet been made to improve the quality - not that we can particularly. However the main thing is that this is around 30 minutes or so of unseen footage for us to look through. We're not sure if anyone has seen this since 1995, since any audio we sourced for sending to Big Finish for their excellent Zagreus was done from our main cameras, since we deliberately left those on for the whole time the console room was in use. Mind you, that means we have a load of documentary footage in effect from those cameras as well, and of better quality of course. A lot of the setting up of the shots was therefore captured, along with some of Jon's anecdotes and asides - a fascinating view of the day. At some point we will have to grab some still images from thoe tapes as well! In the meantime Ashley has grabbed some from the VHS to help illustrate the day.

For footage from the day you would of course need to buy The War Games DVD which contains a version of the final scene from Devious where the Interim Doctor played by Tony Garner discovers his destiny...


Ashley on camera duties
David on direction
Jon with Arthur
the Two Doctors