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new images and continued thanks

Monday 20th July 2009

Hi there followers! On the day that the first new image of the Eleventh Doctor in costume is released,  by coincidence Ashley has rummaged through a few files and found a few images some of which may be new to this site. He was looking for some shots associated with the footage used on the War Games DVD. As those who have seen it will know there is a montage of clips to illustrate the Interim Doctor's brief tenure before he meets Scribe, Voix and his Future.

First up is a screen grab of Amber Lyn's second Elizabethan costume for an as yet unused scene...






Next up is the Doctor holding what we call "the plot device" - which it is - as it seems likely to explode. We can't remember if this shot had been used on the WG DVD (the montage like the commentary were done over a year ago - and of course the footage even earlier!).
We used an abbreviated coloured-up version of the Troughton sequence on the DVD and this was a version of the Troughton-esque one we have used ourselves for private showings of the episodes to friends etc... The image below then colours to show Tony as the Doctor and the Troughton sequence then goes through the colour changes as shown on the WG DVD. A bit gaudy the colours perhaps and not what we'd finally do but we wanted something to bridge the gap between DW2 and DW3.
Here's Anthony as Phillip in grim realisation mode on a hillside in deepest Sussex.
Not all TARDISes look like blue boxes. Like the War Games where you have SIDRATs in abundance Devious does have it's fare share of dematerialisations, although the Doctor isn't seen arriving or departing in it during the normal run of events. We should have included this shot as it would have looked strange but we fear it was omitted.
An alternative version of the Doctor walking around the TARDIS in the mist during the WG DVD clip. The "walkaround" is certainly the part of the footage which we were most frustrated with. To get the shot perfect we needed to treat each of the many thousand frames properly. In truth we should have reshot it in the same way we did it before which would have made the job of edge detection of Tony's hair and the Tardis edges easier and the quality level more to what we had wanted. With the limited timescale of getting the clips ready for the WG DVD we did not have time to or the brief to improve this shot and so if you think it is a bit ropey then maybe it is - however it is still ONE SHOT! You see the Doctor walk around the TARDIS and then enter all in hand-held one shot footage. The TARDIS is meant to wobble as you walk up to it as you're seeing it from the Doctor's point of view - then we see him arrive and we follow him around and in! One day for an academic exercise maybe we should reshoot it! Or tidy up the original footage and achieve what we wanted!

At some point we will put a page up in this section where we will point out all the flaws and errors etc, simply because most of it was 15 years old and we've got better since then - we hope!

We'd also like to thank the simply loads of you who have taken the time to "say hello" to us making your comments etc on The War Games clip and on Devious in general. It's been great receiving your thoughts. If you are unsure feel free to drop us a line! You won't need to tell us about which effects are a bit dodgy though - rest assured we do already know - although if you feel the need how can we stop you!!!! - it proves your observance and attention to detail - come and join the team! It was a bit frustrating though working with the older footage last year knowing we couldn't improve some of the things we shot.. The sequence prepared for the DVD actually had to only have minimum work done on it from it's original creation - ie only the replacement of the music; some small tidying of some of the effects and adding a new commentary track since it was being included to illustrate the Pertwee scene.

Still, we hope it gives a little of the flavour of the Interim Doctor's tenure and how the missing regeneration may have occurred!