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New Episode Viewings

Thursday 15th January 2004

Congratulations to the Restoration Team who've just had an old believed-missing episode returned. There'll be dancing in the streets tonight I'm sure of that!

And in the parallel universe of Devious, a hitherto-unseen-in-their-entirety set of six episodes were watched for the first time by our team last night on our big screen (projector etc etc). For the first time seven of us sat round and saw the first rough edit in a long time of the whole story. With edits composed of a mixture of new dv footage combined with previous years-old roughedits of old material it was purely designed to see if the story hung together well and to give us a guide as to how to edit the piece when we get to do that properly! It also gave us a guide as to the huge amount of post-production work needed to get it to the standard we require. Unfilmed scenes from the latter episodes were represented by a filmed script read-through, and unfinished modelwork represented, well, final modelwork! Some of you would have heard parts of the final episode before if you've got a copy of Zagreus !!!!! (see earlier news)

All in all we ended the evening after some 3 hours seeing some things even we had forgotten existed in a consumate whole. A great feeling. A lift to help us complete the filming this year. We're going for it again in March/April with sets being built now, and eight daleks. Organised chaos may well be the watchword.

Now we may get a chance after last night's viewing, which we had been preparing for, to put some things on the website for the Pertwee scene, and also to include some new screen-grabs from each episode, since it's been a while since we've shown any new images. Although do we want to give too much away????? The perennial problem.

Back over in the real world we'd just like to congratulate the team - and to realise one mustn't give up hope of seeing these missing episodes. So come on - now's the time to return that old film can of the penultimate episode of Evil of the Daleks you've been hoarding...