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New Doctor Rumours

Monday 4th April 2005

Now that Christopher Eccleston has joined and will soon be leaving the rank of 'current Dr Who' we'd just like to confirm rumours that Tony Garner, our 'interim Dr Who' has in fact not been asked to feature in the new series as the Tenth Doctor. If he had an agent he would have also confirmed this. This totally expected announcement comes as the world of Dr Who fandom is in turmoil over who should accept the role and become the next tennant of this coveted part. We at Devious are just thankful that the series is on again, and have always given it our support - as if the BBC needed it!!!

And a quick few lines from a Mr Terry Wogan, esteemed radio broadcaster from the same place that Stephen works... 'The news that Bernie Eccleston is to give up his starring role in Dr Who after just one series has created alarm and despondency among television viewers. For heaven's sake, give the little fellow a chance! He has enough on his plate with a wife nearly three times his size and running Formula 1.' ... which we really liked.

More news soon, including a short video clip (hurrah) and some news on our Tardis police box prop...