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New daleks anger DAVROS

Thursday 14th November 2002
In an amazing development it seems that the new dalek operators recruited during the recent Devious filming (9th-10th Nov 2002) have incurred the wrath of the more seasoned cast members. An un-named greying operator with dodgy knees told Devious-News that his future prospects for this type of work was being put in jeopardy by their enthusiasm and ability. Apparently he'd passed his thoughts on to his local Dalek And Various Robot Operators Society representative at his last branch meeting and they were considering whether to go on strike - leaving Devious only with a contingent of green-goddess-style daleks - i.e. in tasteless green with useless guns.
A spokesperson from D.A.V.R.O.S. said "we get this sort of thing all the time; sad faded actors wanting to be daleks because they think they've got all the right moves, but in reality the new intake are far better at the job". D.A.V.R.O.S. are, as expected, not particularly good at representing their members and are not intending to join any intergalactic trades union groupings in the near future.
Pictured above are some of the new operators... - Laura Clarke of Sussex is sitting in the base, whilst her brother Ashley holds Auriga's gun, with two of our honoured guests behind in the green room.