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N is for Nigel

Wednesday 25th May 2016

A great evening out last week with a Devious Trio popping into darkest Brighton to see a play. 

Very dark Brighton in fact. We saw "In Conversation with an Acid Murderer" at the Old Brighton Police Cells. VERY intense. Chilling. This is what theatre is all about. The eerie setting of an ante-chamber to the old police cells in the dungeons below Brighton Town Hall. A small audience, say thirty or so, witnessed a stunning performance by the playwright himself Nigel Fairs playing John George Haigh, the notorious "Vampire Killer" of post-war Sussex. Based on a true story Nigel wrote the play over ten years ago after reading about the macabre events. A few years later ITV also produced a drama called "A is for Acid" depicting the same terrible events, starring Martin Clunes.

Ashley recounts that just as he was contacted about going to the play out of the blue by Stephen he checked with his wife if he was free that evening (all Devious Team members need Domestic Planning Approval for a night out) - just as she was watching said Clunes gore-fest on the itvplayer! And, to really ensure he had limited sleep the night after seeing the play Ashley tells us he then watched the ITV drama as it had only one day to go on the itv-player limit. Verdict? Both dramas were excellent and atmospheric but for Ashley the play won for its sheer sense of "being there".

We recall that Nigel even stood waiting at the side of the room as the audience entered. Nervously the Devious Trio (Stephen, Ashley and David) exchanged pleasantries etc all the time sensing something evil. To be fair, David should have warned us, since he went to school with Nigel! Before long, we were introduced to this charming Mr Haigh, and gradually we were drawn in...

The play was directed by Louise Jameson, and was part of the Brighton Festival - one of two Nigel and his troope were alternating over May (2016). If you ever get the chance to see this play, take it. An amazing evening out. Not sure you'll want a glass of red wine afterwards though...