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Sunday 29th May 2005

Ashley just wanted to say that here and now he is suggesting, nay guessing,that the new series of the Dr Who series will end with an appearance by the Emperor Dalek. The recent DWM says that there's something secret, so Ashley wants to be shot down in flames or applauded - one way or the other it seems. He's determined to go on record to make this guess and states he has no insider knowledge (or would seek it) and so this guess is presumably a typical fan's thoughts (or hopes) for the new series finale. We know he's a desperate dalek fan having built eight of the blighters.

What you may not know is that one of the reasons DEVIOUS started is because Ashley wanted to make a model movie scene around the (1967)Emperor model he had made to go with his "Sevans" daleks. That snowballed into the idea of making a full movie and has involved many many people over the fourteen (as South Today specify!) or longer (as we suspect) duration of this project. Ashley's modelwork has been used extensively in scenes, as well as some of his grandfather's models from the 1940s (the "beach scene" uses something rather nice). That first Emperor model has now been restored ...

So there we are - Ashley says the Emperor is returning but that it will look different again from the 1967 model - more updated. Of course the Big Bad Wolf may actually be a .... wolf.

Ashley hasn't gone round all the web site forums to make this suggestion, as there's already plenty of speculation along similar lines it seems (as he now finds out 13th June after actually looking round the internet for once!!!) - it was just an opinion based on the comments by RTD in DWM and general thoughts on how things were likely to go...