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More than Rumours - Devious on BBC South Today THIS WEEK (hopefully)

Tuesday 26th April 2005


Well, the BBC came along yesterday and re-interviewed David and Ashley for a segment to appear on BBC ONE's South Today programme this coming week (hopefully - election and disasters permitting presumably). This is all to do with the upcoming DALEK episode in the Doctor Who tv series on Saturday night.

Last year you may recall that props and sets from Devious appeared in South Today segments featuring the Doctor Who connection with the South of England. What you may not know until now is that the same film crew came and filmed us filming! Our first May 2004 session was captured on BBC film as well as Devious film (all right yes we know it's mini-DV and not film, calm down dear it's just syntax).


The crew were with us for five hours and got some interesting stuff (we hope). Anyway there was a plan to get some of this shown but the resultant footage was too long for one of the South Today segments last July and so we did not appear.

Now with the appearance of the daleks on the telly and the heightened interest in all things Doctor Who, our interviews and clips have been taken off the shelf, dusted down (not much dust though in 9 months but there you are) and will form part of a 3-5 minute segment to be shown this week within the South Today programme.

To make them more dalek-biased and to reformat the footage to fit a short slot David and Ashley were re-interviewed briefly yesterday evening (Monday) to provide new linking material for the piece.


We're looking forward to it immensely here at Devious Towers. We know there are some old clips with old half-done effects in the bits to be shown, and Ashley is seen sitting IN a dalek for his interview (something he said he'd never do on film) but no matter - it's all harmless fun! We've had no previews of what was shot back last year and so we're looking forward to seeing new footage of our shoot in the dalek control room from last year - someone else's perspective on our work!

We've sent them some clips from this January and March filming sessions and so you may see some new bits. For all of you who ask us when you're going to see some Devious then here's your answer. It should whet your appetite and spur us on to complete the epic. And if it all helps to publicise the REAL Doctor Who series episode this coming Saturday then we're glad to help in our own way!!!!

More news as and when! Remember because of the election and the nature of magazine news programmes such as this the segment may not appear so fingers crossed!