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more no news is good news malarkey

Thursday 24th April 2003


Yes, it's waffle time again. fed up with no news? I know I am. So, lets invent some! Actually that'd be unfair, and I think we're probably unfair anyway in the way we show all these shots from the production but give no indication when it'll be finished, or where you the public may be able to see it. As for the seeing it, well, as with all amateur movies we have to be careful, but we'll just do what the others (Timebase etc etc) do when we've something to show. However we are toying with the idea of episode one being available via the web but that may discriminate in favour of the broadbanders amongst you. We'll see.


As for news, we've some filming the weekend of 17th and 18th of May with some mystery guest stars (!!!!) - the plot thickens! This will be for the end of part SIX (yes, there's six parts now). So this weekend we are building a small podium for the Doctor to stand on which will be lit from below. The rest of the set will be the full set of TARDIS walls lit for the first time like the Comic Relief sketch (we've never lit them before for our story since the walls were last used before they had the roundels cut out), although minus the console which is not needed. We'll have plenty of set shots from the filming, and hopefully some from the action!

The console room walls set will be quite large, since we are hoping to use at least seven of the wall units. The script has been prepared and sent out to all concerned, and storyboarding is underway soon. Time will tell. Wish us luck!