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more FINAL FILMING pictures

Tuesday 22nd March 2005

See the Filming - March 2005 section for some more images from our 'FINAL' filming session. We say 'FINAL' rather than FINAL as you never know - we may have to redo a bit with a better location assuming we feel suitably motivated! The website editor received a set of images from Stephen's digital camera just yesterday, and these pics have been rushed to the site! It will be interesting to see how the footage eventually turns out from these scenes of the Covellitor planting a bomb, since the images shown here currently show everything in bright colour with no 'mood' added. Still, that's the fun awaiting us in phase 2 of Devious - the effects, editing and cgi...

Set-wise everything's now in storage mode, with the console having been moved to Ashley's after spending the last few years at Stephen's. Suitably wrapped and protected it'll be awaiting a loan, sale or whatever from now on... The sets will be protected in case of further calls on their services (only last week a well known broadcasting company known for transmitting the original series borrowed something from the Devious store...- more news later)