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Monday 21st February 2005

Well, we've delayed our short bit of filming another week. If it isn't done in the next week or two it'll be done later in the year, say May, which will be a shame, 'cause if we do it next week we'll have completed all the necessary filming for Devious. Rather neatly just before the new series starts! We've been a sort of stop-gap for our Whovian interests as we did start not too long after the "classic" series ended on BBC1 (in reality year or two after but we were mulling the idea over back then). Still, it's all just a hobby and a bit of fun!!

This weekend Ashley went to the Brighton Modelworld (with his son Adam, but sans dalek) and met up with some members of the Dalek Builders Guild. Fine fellows, all of them! Great dedication and fine specimens of skaro's finest. Absolutely brilliant workmanship and dedication. Our own daleks were built as props and have been bashed about a lot and aren't quite so lovely close-up, but they were never intended to be anything more, however the daleks from these guys (and gals, although didn't see any - are there any?) were great to look at. We've agreed to swap links, and so as soon as we get to email chat we will rectify this glaring omission from our links list.Maybe next year we'll trundle some of our daleks along and join their compatriots! Good luck!!!