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More ADR

Wednesday 19th August 2015

Not a very exciting news item really, but just to say we have been progressing well on the sound for episode one, with Mark wading through the endless countryside, plane and main road noises - and removing them. It's amazing to hear the difference. He is also ensuring we have a good background noise which covers any blips and clicks etc. This isn't something like a background noise of a planet as per Star Trek (classic) or the noise in Destiny of the Daleks, but a very subtle blanket of sound. 

And we have done some more ADR - with David and Ashley replacing their voices from "The Imberhorne Scene" where they had too much background in originally. We still have to overlay Lynette's lines from that scene and we are go to go with that scene.

We also have been working on the visuals for the "space scenes" in the first episode, to upgrade them from how you may have seen them in some of our trailers over the years - notably the one on The War Games DVD.

So, it is more of the same this week we think.

Also we will be sorting out the website as soon as we can - we notice that a lot of the older images are missing due to some internal url errors etc - we will sort asap as we intend to revamp the site a little bit to at least make it 'phone ready. This will take a while to convert as we think Ashley is likely to take the excuse to improve the underlying data structures. Eek.

So what tantalising picture can we upload for this article... Maybe an old one... or an outtake from filming in some field somewhere...? OK here's Tony as The Doctor between takes...