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ModelWorld 2013 and Convention

Monday 11th February 2013
Project Motormouth

Well, we three (S.A.D.) loved the recent Project Motormouth convention in Slough. Despite the snow.


We have some great shots of the guests (Doctors 5,6,7,8,10) which we will doubtless add to this site at some point. A charity worth supporting.

Brighton ModelWorld 2013

Preparations are continuing for this year's display of sets and props. We hope to be bigger and better than last year - which in itself was twice the size of the year before.

Certainly this much is known - that we will have daleks that have appeared in Devious, the Curse of Fatal Death (BBC Comic Relief episode), Evil of the Daleks and The Dalek Masterplan (licenced stageplays). We will have some model props from Devious, although not the same as last year. We may not bring the Emperor model as we are planning a different 'look' for this year!


Damaged Dalek Simon