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the modelwork - a case in point

Wednesday 6th May 2009

In a long line of excuses for the lack of progress in the modelwork department, Ashley has now said that his recent construction of a bookcase and matching radiator cover for a room in his palatial abode is the main reason why the dalek models are late in delivery! Not believing him we asked for proof, and here is the offending bookcase - built from scratch at a cost of around three hundred quid. Blimey - seems a lot but then a piece of furniture to buy at that size would be three times that, and the fact that he has built it himself seems to be something he is proud of. (Apparently in the image here the shelves have yet to be fitted). Perhaps there's a series here on what the members of Devious do in their spare time.... well maybe not - you don't want to know.

So if you want a bespoke piece of furniture from this aspiring joiner, then drop him a line. That'll mean no dalek models again of course. Or will it? Of course not - he's been secretly working away on things whilst the various bits of rainforest were being reshaped. Here's a shot (mid March) of some of the dalek middles awaiting their neck sections...