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Models, albino daleks and K-9

Monday 9th November 2009

Well we have made some progress on things but not as much as we would have liked.... It's all down to us having normal lives you see. Ashley is expecting to change jobs soon - with no idea what he'll be doing (!) whilst David is busy with his company and Stephen is eternally busy with his work. When this period of uncertainty has lifted doubtless our spirits will be flying again!

One of our colleagues (James) has offered to do some CGI for us for the "beach scene" which if it happens will be very spectacular - James we need to get that storyboard for you. We've also got something in the pipeline for next year which we'll tell you about nearer the time - it's not massive but should be a load of fun.

We seem to recall that the War Games DVD is being released in the USA around now (2nd November?) - so "hello" to our friends in the USA who have followed our progress on the website over the years. Thanks again for your support and we hope you enjoy the DVD clip from Devious. At some point we hope to put up on the site an alternate version of the middle section from that DVD - a different "mix" as it were.

Recently Ashley wheeled out one of the dalek props for his eldest son's birthday party. Resplendant in a new colour scheme requested by said son it's seen here menacing the kids! In fact, some of them were a wee bit concerned by it,  and so we limited it's time. Not everyone likes this sort of thing, and although he wanted a "Dr Who Party" we ensured there was enough fun and frolics for all whether or not they followed the TV series. Actually as 6 year olds a lot of them knew more than we did. And Sarah Jane Adventures seem to be INCREDIBLY popular!!!

Speaking of Sarah Jane, you can also catch sight of the K-9 Ashley made for the event -  using cardboard as inspired by the  Doctor Who Adventures magazine some weeks before.  The model now serves as a magazine holder and toy store and is often seen around the house prowling the corridors and zapping the relatives.

the white dalek and K-9

The dalek is something to behold in silver and white but is a temporary incarnation. It still has it's lighting-up toffee-apple shaped eyestalk as per the plays although we didn't bring along the neon gunstick as we thought that too fragile to be used in close quarters. Meanwhile we'll try to see if there are any more shots of the K-9. And not content with painting up the dalek and making the K-9 he also decorated the cake...

birthday cake

All this activity and no new Devious work? Well, at least the repaint of the dalek is temporary since the white is the undercoat (covering the matt black from the Masterplan Play colour scheme) so that the rest of it can finally return to the Devious colour scheme of silver with french blue. And it'll need a new dome!

preparing the dalek in white

Here's a few sneak pics of some of Ashley's modelwork which has been moving on a bit...




Above is an eyepiece awaiting paintwork, whist below we see some of the finished articles...
and here...

and here in one of the heads... Here he's detailed his methods. The domes were cast from a wooden turned original and the example below is yet to be painted. The production line overseerer dalek may well have a different colour dome (just for the hell of it). The inner neck ring is shown below as being made of card although it is believed that Ashley is using black material to closely match the full-sized props. The eyestick has not yet been properly mounted since the pivot is not yet the right colour.

Once these models are filmed in the relevant model sets amid smoke (and mirrors?) then CGI effects will be added to complete the illusion. We were thinking of NOT showing the models on the website so people could guess how scenes were accomplished but then as this site is a documentation of HOW we have completed this film then, like in all good maths exams, we must show our working!