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Merry Christmas from Devious

Tuesday 23rd December 2008

Well, another year gone. Next year will be fun. We promise! Ashley's got a great set of tools for his modelworking for Christmas we overhear, and the editing is nearly done. We're also apparentlyup for being in another magazine it seems, albeit just a column. So we'll dig out some unseen images for that. Thanks for everyone who emailed us about the Starburst piece.

And there's more.... (but you'll have to wait). We'll say no more for now.

SIX O'CLOCK BBC 1 CHRISTMAS DAY will be the tv event of the winter. Set your recorders, sky pluses, freeview thingies. Or if you don't have recording equipment then take loads of photos or sketch very quickly. Or simply forget trying to record, to collect to obsess and just enjoy what promises to be a great story.

And the second great tv event of the winter could well be our very own Richard Kingshott (who plays one of the rescue party in episodes of Devious) appearing on the Terry Wogan quiz show. Apparently this is being filmed around now and should be on in January sometime. We'll let you know when it's on - the quiz has individual contestants answering general knowledge questions. Richard tells us that it is to be filmed at Pinewood. Good luck Richard! (here he is below preparing for the great day).


Have a great holiday - from Stephen, Ashley and David !