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Mentioned in dispatches

Wednesday 23rd December 2015

We recently received some facebook messages from our circle of friends stating that Devious has been found in the IMDB. Blimey. We thought that was for professional i.e. proper films and tv shows. We have no idea who put it on the system, and we find it interesting the people they have listed which we think they have culled form the website, or maybe from our, wait for it... wikipedia entry !

Good grief. Nothing to do with us - we have no idea how these things get there, but then no-one told us about the War Games clip from Devious being re-edited by someone on youtube, or the Comic Relief sketch getting a couple of million hits as someone had also uploaded that. Still, it's exposure for fan-made films - proof of the determination and enthusiasm that exists out there for projects like ours. As long as everyone realises we do this for fun, and we are NOT the real thing or ever want to be confused for it (highly unlikely). We think that The Never Was (also out there in the ether on youtube) demonstrates that Devious is a love letter to Doctor Who by a bunch of dedicated fans. When you finally get to see it - and we're working on it honest - then you'll see the nods and winks to the real thing. 

The Whoniverse (yes, we said it) is so big now there is room for all this ancilliary stuff, and it is understood for what it is. Personally we ignore the IMDBs and Wiki's and just try to spend time of this prkect when we can. We're grateful we have a following and want to give you our own news as soon as we can.

And on that front, today a new version of the central section of episode one was sent round to the team ready for discussion on Thursday. 

cheers speak soon

UPDATED 23rd December 2016Well in a quick update we'd like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and New Year. We did meet that Thursday and the one after and as a result of this and futher work, a particular scene in episode one is looking and sounding just right now.  And further to our "mentioned in despatches" item above we'd like to note that Stephen Cranford from the Devious Team has been namechecked in the Doctor Who Monthly 2016 Yearbook, along with a photo of him on stage at the big Excel event back in November where he was a presenter and interviewer. The photo shows him with The Mire!And our friend Shawn Levy was also featured a few pages away in a section on cosplay. Shawn is depicted as the Second Doctor. Great stuff!

Stephen in the DWM
Shawn in the DWM