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May filming confirmed

Thursday 22nd April 2004

Well, we've set some dates for our filming in the control room set! The set is nearing completion and we're planning for the filming sessions. Although we are intending to film at the beginning of May we are also intending to film over the bank holiday weekend 29th - 31st, so if you are known to us and want to be in a dalek and are local to Sussex then please email us! The days where we need 8 dalek operators are the 30th and 31st - if we get too many volunteers then we can work shifts - we just don't want to do a "Death to the Daleks" where not all our casings are occupied!

More news and set pics when we get a chance. All this filming is fitting in with an office move (the space we use won't be available after the start of June anyway), and two house moves for two of the trio in the project - namely Stephen and Ashley! So its all hands to the pumps as we desperately try to squeeze everything in to the limited time we have. At least we should get a sizeable chunk of the filming completed. After this next period we only have a couple of sets to use and the filming will be complete for Devious!