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May 2003 filming a success !

Thursday 22nd May 2003

Well - we did it! Our little two minute scene with our guest stars was completed on the day as planned. The scene featured Tony as the Doctor in a scene from the last episode. Here's a shot from the Saturday just after we had test-lit the podium part of the set. Here we see Tony out of costume (for once). We've only lit part of the walls and the room wasn't lit, so he does appear a little dark, but we just wanted to gauge the effect.


And as for our mystery guest stars... well - here's a little competition for you. They've both been seen or heard in Doctor Who. The aptly-named "Voix" was played by someone who was heard in Ark in Space, Masque of Mandragora and Time and the Rani, and more famously in Blake's 7. The actor playing "The Scribe" is a famous comedy and serious actor, whose sole appearance in Whowasin Delta and the Bannermen...Feel free to email us at if you think you know. There are no prizes. We have no money (just look at the sets!).