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May 2003 filming preparations

Monday 12th May 2003

Well, we're nearly at filming time again! This last weekend was spent in minor set construction and costume preparation. Stephen and Ashley are building a raised underlit podium for the Doctor to stand on which should be ready for this Saturday. The usual precision techniques were in evidence - the use of screws were eschewed in favour of the stout nail or five. Yes - 'Bodgit and Scarper Builders Inc.' were on scene again up to their usual tricks. Still - it'll look okay on camera - we hope!

And on the costume front we have nearly finished three new costumes for timelords - as per the War Games trial. Lynette, Ashley and Stephen were hard at work - with mouthfuls of pins; Lynette on the sewing machine (she fell off twice*); Stephen with his precision cutting techniques and Ashley with his useful comments and modelling ability! With any luck there'll be some pictures next week after the filming so you can see how this lot is turning out! With actor fittings later in the week we hope all will look okay and we don't end up with people looking as if they're wearing an old sack! (which they're not). More news as and when...

* - p.s. crap humour is down to being too long sewing on velcro