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Masterplan Read throughs

Friday 14th September 2007

It's all started at last! A week or two ago Ashley popped down and met everyone for the first read-through of Dalek Masterplan. This actually took place on the stage of the Theatre Royal Portsmouth and was great fun. A few photos were taken and here's a couple for you to take a gander at. The eagle eyed amongst you will spot the Doctor Nick Scovell and near him were seated Rob and the dalekmeister Nick Briggs.


The readthrough was not without incident; only when the story was read aloud did Nick realise his adaptation may need the odd tweak due to the amount of innuendo the mischievous cast managed to work out of it. Nevertheless it's better to get the laughs out of the way early and any serious misinterpretations will be ironed out in time rest assured.


And so on to this week, when this Monday (the 10th of September) three daleks made their way down to the highly secret rehearsal rooms in XTown. (You know XTown, it's just off the AXX on the way to Shhville). A great reaction from the cast on seeing the new colour scheme and the kind comments duly noted and thanked by Ashley. There are some more daleks in the show so don't start thinking there's only the three and if you recall last years then let us say there's a different number this time round - or is there????


Ashley in fact stood in for Lorna as a dalek during this first rehearsal although "sat in for" is perhaps a better phrase. So easy to sit there and chip in with suggestions for moves that we're sure the team are glad Ashley isn't going to every rehearsal. Actually he was quite good and made just the one suggestion which was rubbish anyway! Stick to the building work matey.

meanwhile in Deviousland David has been advancing the edits and is ready to hand over episode five to Stephen who is going to do the soundtrack. Later than we thought we've all three of us had a lot on this summer; both Ashley and David are having work done on their bungalows (rooms in roof etc etc) and of course Stephen is again to be found building a house somewhere or other in the Worthing area - amongst his many roles.