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Masterplan up for Awards & Starburst not

Tuesday 23rd September 2008

The Dalek Masterplan play is up for awards!!!!!

Avid readers (such as us) of the Gallifrey One website would have been delighted to read that the play has been nominated for some awards! More details at the GallifreyOne site news section, and there are links also to an excellent blog...

As we've always said, Devious were proud to have been a part of this production and we wish everyone the best of luck. Now where's the link to the voting??? (here)



Starburst - the Kiss of Death?

And in other news, it seems the Starburst (and TV Zone) magazines have gone bust. The visimag download copy of the Doctor Who Special no 87 is actually still available (here)(so that's hopeful) and if you want to read about Devious (as well as good articles/interviews with Peter Davison and Louise Jameson and loads of other content) you'll have get the download as the print version has still not appeared.

Our journalist contact assures us that it had been printed but if the money's not there then we imagine it won't get distributed until they get things sorted. Other sources have hinted it could still appear, or that the articles could be recycled into other publications.

So does that mean Devious are the kiss of death on things? Probably. Jon Pertwee died only a year after appearing with us. Hugh Lloyd died a month or two ago and Peter Tuddenham the year before. I died myself only last week and I am propped up in my chair with my assistant moving my hands - mind that, oh, another finger has snapped off...

Rich's ComixBlog - The Ten Doctors

And in much better news here's a link to Rich's ComixBlog. We were alerted to this by some emails to the site (the say hello section) where people have been telling us about this excellent comic strip blog. It seems an interim Doctor - betweennumbers 2 and 3 has just been created. This is an excellent creation and we are delighted and honoured to be namechecked! Read on...