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Tuesday 5th December 2006

Yes we have a (Dalek) Masterplan...


We've been keeping this quiet whilst Nick (Scovell) arranged all the necessary permissions, and now we can announce that there is going to be a follow up to the highly successful and critically acclaimed stage play'Evil of the Daleks'. It will be duringOctober 2007 again in Portsmouth.

We are pleased as punch here at 'Devious Towers' and we'll be able to follow the build up rather like we did for 'Evil'.

Ashley is especially delighted as he'll be again be providing a set of Daleks (colours and look to be decided!). Although the Emperor won't be needed of course you may well see something special... Hmmm....!And we're also pleased thatStuartCurrie is now a very welcome part of the new team.

More news as and when ....