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Marathon Filming Session & Meridian TV

Monday 11th November 2002

A spooky moment this - I was working in my shed/studio on the setslast Friday evening (or was it Thursday - the days are a blur) and I thought I'd turn off the radio & switch to the TV. I turned it on and looked away, continuing what I was doing - and then I heard "ex-ter-min-ate" loud and clear across the room. It did take me by surprise and for a moment I almost confused reality and fiction - what with a dalek only feet from me at the time it was an oddmoment! Turned out I saw the last few moments of a ITV1-Meridian news item featuring the exhibition in Southampton where 2 of the Devious Daleks are currently spending a few weeks away on their 'olidays! So, did anyone catch it on video? - I must say I only saw the ending!

The last few days of last week from Wednesday onwards - were spent in preparation for our longest spell of filming in a long while! Two days worth in the corridor sets! Three daleks (with operators drawn from a new team of five (!?!?!)); a few welcome guests in attendance, and very hard work for all those involved. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the work put in - without the help it couldn't have been achieved.


There will be some more pictures and an article as soon as we have any energy...

- Ashley