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lighting tests

Friday 16th May 2008

We've been having some fun with some of Ashley's sets. Here's a couple of images of the lighting rig which sits above the Main Control Room. It seems the lights can flash in sequence or randomly. An ability to dim is also predicted but Ashley forgot to wire that up before we took these shots. Combined with some smoke (stage smoke/dry-ice equivalent and not Chris puffing away down a tube) it doesn't look too bad and should be right for the short time it is seen. Ashley is still working on other bits and pieces but we thought you'd like these few images to prove we haven't all died (again). There are (obviously) no daleks or the silver panel backdrops in the shots as we just wanted to check how the smoke looked.

A bit of fun. Well we enjoyed it. But then we don't get out much.

We'll have some more pictures soon with luck. (Sorry the one below is a bit dodgy - forgot to take the video effect off)


speak soon