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Last week of UNIT exhibition at Southampton - Devious Dalek pic shown on BBC website

Thursday 5th December 2002

The BBC Cult website features an interview with Roy Brown who's organised the UNIT exhibition at the Millais Gallery in Southampton, as well as photos from the exhibition. The opening shot on the article is actually of one our 'Devious Daleks' lent to Roy for the six week period !! The pair are no strangers to the BBC since they were 2 of the 3 we lent the Beeb for their Comic Relief sketch a few years back.


The only difference between the two we lent is that the one in the picture ('Chico') still has the paper-made eye front made by the BBC effects department to convert it's eye to match the BBC ones at the time. Although it's only a paper sticker it's a reminder to us of the time it spent at Pinewood Studios and when we have to remove it for our own filming then it'll no doubt go to a glass case somewhere! (as if). Still, it was a welcome surprise to see the photo on the BBC site, and good to read the interview with Roy. The exhibition is well worth a visit, as Ashley found out last Saturday!