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The Kids (and Teacher) of Patcham High !!!

Thursday 15th September 2005

Just a quick note to congratulate Rowlie Darby and Doctor Who Monthly for an excellent piece in this month's issue. A wonderful feature praising the scheme initially set up at Patcham High School near Brighton to encourage science-fiction reading by their English teacher Mr Darby. We managed to help out: in conversation with Rowlie, Ashley from the team arranged for a Devious dalek to go on loan to the school for the library and one was duly dispatched a year or two ago - and is still there!

"Chico" was one of the original three that had appeared on Comic Relief - it can be seen in the pic here with it's BBC-supplied different eye lens which we forgot to replace when we borrowed the prop back last May for our marathon 9-dalek filming session. Somehow that eye sticker got mislaid, which is a pity as we're normally very meticulous, especially as we also managed to return one Rowlie Darby who came along for that session and spent a lot of time squeezed into the prop!

Notwithstanding, nevertheless, and other long words (which can doubtless be etymologically determined in the calm but dalek-guarded environs of Patcham High Library) aside, we would like to say we were honoured to have played a small part in this worthwhile project, which has led on from the original plan - the kids now all being seasoned reviewers of the series. The Kids from Patcham High will doubtless feature in many more appraisals of the series in the future - a fine benchmark for the new series to be judged - and all down to the vision of their "Mr Darby"