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K9 and [Devious?] Co

Wednesday 26th April 2006

Just in time for the K9 episode (School Reunion) on BBC1 this Saturday (7.20pm) here's some rumouring and pure speculation from the chaps at Devious... It seems there has been a slight disagreement on a new section of filming for 2006. As you may know Devious decisions are made by the trio and things go ahead only upon unanimous agreement. However it seems that two of the trio are actively planning a short cameo scene featuring K9, Rose and the Tenth Doctor. To be shot with K9 in close-up to the camera with the TARDIS in the distance and the easily discernable outlines of the Tenth Doctor and Rose calling out for him the scene is intended to be "just a bit of fun". An unnamed source (obviously one of the three!) says that the scene may be shot and edited together for the sheer fun of doing it and may include lines from the mechanical mutt or the Doctor recalling the time when he "nearly wasn't me" - i.e. his temporary tenure as the Interim Doctor.

The scene has only been mooted because we have two candidates for two of the three roles...firstly Mark Jones (who plays Teleko in episode one) has an uncanny resemblance (in certain lighting conditions) with a certain Mr Tennant (indeed Ashley's son Adam thought he was the Doctor!). And we have been offered the services of a K-9. This is one of the original 5 made from the mould and is in the possession of a local fan and Devious follower (!!) Mark Beeson close to us. Mark Jones is a busy man indeed - we'll only get this scene in if he's free from his other projects for a short while! - he's working on a new film at the moment after critical acclaim for Griffin...

Of course we don't don't know as yet if the scene will actually get filmed, and if it does will it cause ructions? Chances are it won't make the final edit but will remain as an alternate opener or other scene. It's more important that the trio concentrate on the rest of Devious and don't get sidetracked of course but then a little filming session one afternoon may just be a bit of fun...! And that's what we try to have in Devious anyway!

More later if we get any developments...