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It's the wrong light !

Wednesday 8th July 2015

Just a quick note to reassure you we are still meeting regularly - the new team being a bit more of a MAD grouping perhaps than a SAD one. However the M in the MAD (Mark) assures us he is not a replacement for Stephen, just someone to help us along with the project at the moment. Stephen is immensely busy appearing on radio and television unlike the rest of us in that respect ! 

At our last meeting we solved an issue with our CGI generation (to do with an asteroid!) and have moved on a great deal with our sound. Mark has been cleaning up the first two episodes using the ADR sparingly. Ashley is a bit behind with a particular monster, but a recent spike in activity has seen this move forward, whilst David is also heavily into the CGi at the moment as well as refining the edit for the sound treatment and working on the grading. The end of episode one and start of two are particularly tricky and we want to do them justice.

In the meantime here's a quick pic of the new version of our TARDIS Police Box guesting at Ashley's youngsters' school fair, where it was displayed as an exhibit for kids to play around generally and have their photos taken and that sort of thing! They especially liked playing around with the telephone behind the little door!


And of course what we really liked at the fair was that a couple of the kids (aged 11ish) spotted we had the wrong light on top of the console. Far from being offended we were delighted as it showed that there are kids out there now who have the same level of interest and able to spot that error. Proof that we're not the only hardcore devotees of the show.

And why did we have the wrong light? Well at the Brighton Modelworld show there wasn't the height to display a light in the location we were given and so Ashley didn't make one - and forgot that come the school fair ! He nearly made a correct Capaldi replica light but will sort it out for the next time the Police Box is displayed somewhere with enough headroom. There's also some worrying gaps above the doors and side panels where some more contouring is to be added and the base is only a half-height one for the moment - also to give us a chance at the Brighton location!

The Box was built according to the measurements made from our earlier Box which Stephen sold off (as it was falling apart) and so for a Capaldi replica it is obviously a little bit too small but then it can easily be converted back to our own favourite of the 1980s style Box (hence the light). Ashley thought that after the filming for The Never Was he would convert it for display so people could enjoy seeing it and kids could enjoy playing around and in it - these things are to be enjoyed, after all!

[ oh yes - we know it's not the right 'phone and the shelf shouldn't be there etc etc - in Ashley's defence he only put the phone in the night before as he had the 'phone to hand and some spare wood - doubtless photos will be pored over and the correct versions recreated at some stage ! ]

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