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its that dalek again!

Sunday 1st December 2002

As there's not much happening this weekend down the ol' shed (maybe I'll work on dalek no8 later but for now I'm too knackered) I thought I'd add a short note to the news section. Firstly, I travelled at great expense and at great inconvenience (yes, I used SouthWest Trains) to go to Southampton yesterday to see the Daleks at the Millais Gallery. Our two looked pretty damn good surrounded by over a dozen others. Very menacing. The room was large and cleverly lit, with the dalek army in neat rows standing in the middle. Sleeping. Awaiting the call to invade. Well worth seeing if you're in the area. The exhibition runs until the 14th December - open every day except Sundays - entrance free. For a link to their site see our links page, or a previous news item.

Secondly I received details of the dalek's day out in Lewes having made the local press. Apparently we're front page on the Sussex Express, and there's a web version here...