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Hi there and the 24th July...etc etc...

Sunday 23rd May 2010

Hi there everyone - sorry for the lack of news - we've been busy, although not necessarily on things you want to read about here! Ashley is leaving his employment now and is on the lookout for programming jobs, so if you know of anything in the php/mysql line then feel free to drop him a line! Seriously though, in looking at the website we've just realised that the "say hello" section had gone down due to the system being upgraded but no-one actually chjecking if it affected that page! Well done.

Oh well, you can now let go all those pent-up thoughts about Devious and let us know again!

On the said date we hear that a sci-fi event is being planned for Worthing in sunny Sussex. It will be a one-day thing and we suspect that some of our daleks and props may make an appearance. When we know more we'll tell you here!

The ADR we are doing will recommence in a week or so when the team are free from immediate commitments. More news as and when.

News reaches us that Ashley is itching to get going with the fibreglass again (and itching is the word if you don't have the right gloves) and is eyeing up some new domes for the fleet. He's never been happy with them and thinks the time is right to replace the domes reshaped for the plays with some new "classic" ones as per the original Devious design (ie "Evil/Power"). This is despite having more modelwork to complete!