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He's Back - and it's about Time!

Saturday 26th March 2005

Now where have we heard that headline before? Back in 1996 when Devious had just filmed the Jon Pertwee scene in fact! 1996 - a false start for the television series in a way, and a shame, as Paul McGann was an excellent choice as Doctor, and to see him handover the role today to Christopher Eccleston would have been a treat. Still, that's one for the flashback perhaps. Time to look ahead now. Time for a new start. Time for the return of a series that will doubtless encourage more efforts like Devious from others out there perhaps. Time to encourage others to dream of the future, the past and to worlds beyond. Time for others to experience the magic and involve the imagination as the 'classic' series did for us. We've had fun making our version of Doctor Who; with our Doctor (The Two-and-a-Half-th) and we will finish our epic and make it the best we can with the time and resources we have, and we hope you'll all get to see bits someday - but today we all sit back and watch the professionals at work. We hope for the best - in today's world fixated by global warming, politics; a focus for the miserable we need something that brings back excitement, optimism and a few healthy scares.

Welcome back Doctor Who