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Hello there

Wednesday 11th February 2009

... to any one who has arrived here for the first time - perhaps as a result of reading about us in a magazine?!?!? Yes - we've been featured again in a small piece in another sci-fi magazine it seems. It's SFX Magazine and we're very thankful for the publicity. Hopefully it shows how some Doctor Who fans out there in the wide world just can't get enough watching Doctor Who and try to make their own! Not a patch on the original of course, and just done for the fun of it. Well it keeps us off the streets! And to celebrate all that is fan film-making in our neck of the woods we will hopefully expand the website (maybe with a server move) so you can see some more images and content from the history of this epic production. And just to emphasise for first-timers - this is a fan thing, not real Doctor Who. That's back at Easter on BBC1, ABC, Canadian TV, Korean TV etc etc. Remember that pinch of salt!

And new 'Devious' filming? Well, it depends on Ashley getting the modelwork done of course. He's just received a load of LEDs and resistors so that's a good sign. Unless he's collecting LEDs and resistors of course. Apparently one of these electronic parts went wrong and the immortal cry "resistor is uselsss" was heard from his workroom. Oh well we try at the humour.