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Hello Again

Monday 2nd July 2007

Hello again! - sorry for the lack of news lately - we've all had things on - our lives in fact! As you know Devious is a spare time thing so there are often times when we don't seem to do much. Actually we've been very active - it's just that the website hasn't been updated! And that's enough exclamation marks for this month! (Unless you want to describe the Third Season of BBC's Doctor Who just ended, and then you'll need loads!!!!!)

So what's been happening... Ashley is working on the new daleks for the next play in Portsmouth (ok, so they are refurbished not new - although there will be something built anew.....) and took the opportunity to repaint one of the Evil Black daleks (the green-domed ones) into an all over silver ready for it's display in a local shop window. here it is below, alongside a shot of one of it's sister (or is it brother) daleks in previous Devious colours and slat configuration whilst it was on duty raising money for charity - seen here alongside Tim (who played our stunt Doctor No Three).


More importantly for Devious itself David has been working on the edit again. Stephen, Ashley, Ian, David and maybe Chris and a few others hopefully are going to watch the episode 4 edit at Stephen's this coming Friday. The edit will then be available to the group with timecode etc on dvd so we can all pass comment and then Stephen will start work on the "foley" and we can turn our attentions to the previous episodes. We recently saw some of episode 5 again at David's and it looked great on the big screen...


We also had a mad evening a few weeks back with the moogerfooger doing the dalek voices for episode 5. Crazy.

Sorry if you've contacted us and haven't had a reply - we're all waiting for Ashley to put his new website system in place, and he's a bit snowed under with work at the moment. Oh yes, and we've just found this old picture showing the set build for the dalek control room.... Day One and Ashley's pondering the wiring...


and look at those legs... (no, not the table legs, the ones on the right - whaddya mean they're the same...)

more pics and news soon...