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Guest Artwork - Devious Cover 2

Thursday 30th September 2004

Friend of Devious Gary Merchant has sent us this fine example of his work. He has been making alternative video/dvd covers for sci-fi stories for years and is a great fan of Dr Who (he can be seen on our welcome page greeting Tony at a convention).

Some time ago he did us a great cover for our piece, and has just sent us another one, drawn up without full knowledge of our story (not that we know it!!) and without hi-res bespoke artwork - i.e. compiled entirely from what he's een on the website over the years.

a great cover

We think you'll agree it's excellent, and a real spur to make us want to complete this project at last. Although we've made our own spoof BBC dvd cover for fun amongst ourselves to put our own copy of the edits on we've never really bothered since we're more concerned about actually getting things done, so we're really flattered that someone has taken the time out to do this...

Thanks Gary...