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The Growing Dalek Fleet

Tuesday 13th January 2009

Just sorting through a few things and found these pics from November (08!) in which you can see the new back-filler models being built by Ashley. He's managed to find a few battered Sevans kits however he feels it's more in the spirit of Devious to create new from scratch. So you can see the new shoulder section castings. These were cast from a new build of a shoulder section using silicon moulds and then cast in resin some with a glass fibre tissue mat and some with glass fibre traditional strands.


The first of the new shoulders were hurriedly painted silver to see what they'd look like, and consequently will be resmoothed, polished and repainted! However even at this quality level they will be fine for the type of use they will get. The idea is to use the model daleks in moving camera modelwork and in carefully lit situations, and in conjunction with our live action and cgi. Modelwork on it's own - ie with the emperor surround and dalek control room and production line - will not be enough - the intention is only to use modelwork sparingly in such a way it won't be obvious. Below here's one of the shoulder castings straight out of the mould. Needs some work before painting, but you'll be amazed how much it starts to look good once the mesh and slats start appearing.


Five new bases have also been created and are being wheeled accordingly so they should move in the same manner as the full sized props. We just need to employ some operators. So if you're under a foot tall (30cm) please contact us.

The idea is to have a few best quality models which will be puppeted as well as possibly stop-motion-animated by David, with the rest as the back-fillers for use in crowd scenes. Devious is a homage as you know, and there's a scene where Tony as our Doctor has to crawl across a gantry above loads of semi-dormant daleks. This scene is a homage to the Planet of the Daleks, and we've shot it already full size with Tony above full-size daleks, although it should look good if we mix with some well-lit modelwork with dry-ice swirling amongst the model props.

We'll have some more pics when we persuade Ashley to take some more showing where he's up to. Hurry up - the modelwork filming is dependant on you!