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Great 50 and Red Dalek Question

Thursday 28th November 2013

Just a quickie... Ashley's son Adam was watching "The Day of the Doctor" recently and noticed the following Supreme Dalek in the Black Archive as shown above...


and we were wondering how it got there - presumably there were more than the one blown up back in Tennant's day... Feel free to contact us with your theories!

Anyway - really enjoyed the 50th celebrations in our various viewing locations. Stephen even had the job of introducing The Day of the Doctor to a room of 4000 up at the Excel celebration event. No pressure then! 

Also, Mark has been talking to us re the music for the first episodes of Devious which we are talking about now. "The Never Was" is on target for this year as far as we hear. Sometime before Christmas is the intention we believe, and David has been working flat out with Mark to ensure things are on track.

More news as and when (as ever!)


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