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Goodness Me! It's the Tardis

Sunday 13th October 2002
Well after a few days of woodwork and painting, the battered old TARDIS is fully restored and ready for another few years service.
With a total of 7 coats of paint over the years, the final finish is looking suitably battered now, so very little deliberate weathering was necessary.
The first picture shows the new roof, complete with it's new paint job.
The other two show the TARDIS from two angles. Note the new roof has a much stronger light guard. This time it's made of 15mm ply and is square, rather than round like the original one. When being moved the original proved far too fragile, and it's trip to Newcastle recently finally finished it off.
In the end, I elected to mix the Celestial Blue paint with some black to dull the colour down a bit. A crisp even colour looked too wierd, having been used to the weathered look for so long. The two colours were only very gently mixed together, so that there is a slight mottled effect to the final coat. After a while I may still dull down the paintwork a bit with some grey and dirt paint.
I'm still tempted to paint the window frames white and obtain a St John Ambulance badge for the door - a la Hartnell.. Maybe one day?
- Stephen