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Four Candles

Thursday 12th April 2018

Two Ronnies - Four Candles. Famous sketch where the poor shopkeeper is given the runaround by an innocent shopper. So we as innocents are giving you this picture and hoping you'll know what it is for...

Yep - no connection whatsoever between that sketch and this article except that the picture is surely worth discussion! Well, there is a connection with the picture below (of Mark) of Mark....

Final adjustments now to episode one are in hand. The sound is being finally matched against the final agreed edit. The credits are done (with some minor changes to make) and we have a theme! The grading is all done and effects done.

Now that's a sentence you didn't think you'd read - and to be honest one we doubted we'd write. We have a showing to a few people soon and then we'll do something with it!

.... now what is that photo all about