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Final prop builds

Friday 12th October 2007

It's got to the scary stage now! Ashley is rushing round like a blue-*****-fly trying to get the last bits of prop completed for the play. With collection of more daleks and bits etc next weekend there's only one more weekend to go, so naturally he's hoping for good weather - he hates working indoors. OK so it's not a major news item in itself but as we said before there's not a lot we can show at this stage. After the play has started the final setbuild and rehearsal stage he'll see if he can sneak some photos out for the website. They'll be pics without showing daleks or stage elements of course so we can really look forward to those! Still, we mean well.

So in the meantime here's a lovely shot of Alex and Dave who are our gallant dalek transport technicians for the play. If you see them on the last night wish them well for they've got to transport the Skaro army back to base when all is said and done. When you're all tucked up in bed dreaming dreams of daleks and Mavic Chen these two stalwarts will be travelling with Ashley back to the Dalek Homeworld (which is just off the A27).