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Filming 31st of May a success !?!?!?!?!?

Monday 31st May 2004

So why do we always seem to film in May? Well, it's June now as I type this (Ashley). It's about 2am in fact and I've just returned from the final day of our marathon. We've 28 tapes from the weekend all told, and until they're copied and viewed we won't know for sure about all the shots - the only missing shot so far we know we can remount anywhere - we just need an actor, a dalek and a black wall. Right now we all need a rest. The main part of the set remains in place this coming week in case any thoughts come to mind regarding additional shots. However, the most important reason for this quick news item is to THANK EVERYONE WHO CAME ALONG OR HELPED IN OTHER WAYS - you know who you are - if I mention you all now I know I'll be missing some, so apologies in advance, but here goes (no particular order)...

All told we must thank David, Stephen, Ashley,Tony,Arthur, Tim, Chris, Ashley (small), Laura, Lauren, Frances, Chris and James (Quinn), Paul, Simon (1), Simon (2), Corrie, Nicola, Ringo, Carly(/ie), Colin & Christopher (Vincent), Ayumi, Lynette, Adam, Bilga, Orkun, Ian, Ian (Watts), Caroline, Alia, Sylvie,Peri, Peri and Bilga's mum, Tesco for their salads, pies, etc, DVC for their hospitality (over the years)- and for the earlier time in May we'd also like to thank Bill and team, Ringo's brother and friends, and others whose names we have a temporary amnesia over. Please let me know if you've been forgotten and I can re-edit this and pretend you were in all along! Cheers!